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Frugal Hacks: Organizing Your Spring Cleaning Supplies

Today on Frugal Hacks, we are continuing our discussion on spring cleaning and starting at the beginning…with your cleaning supplies. I am sharing some of the tools that I use to help keep our home in shape and, of course, I am wondering what I might find in your caddy of goodies. Please head over there to share and check the site often for lots of great wallet-friendly ideas for your family!

I also wanted to thank everyone for entering our giveaway. We have a winner! Please check The Motherloot tomorrow for another new and exciting giveaway (valued at $169). I am lining the giveaways up left and right so make sure to check often for your chance to win and read reviews on some really great products.

Somehow I also managed to tape six more segments on saving money for my weekly WSBT feature, am putting together a very exciting guest post for tomorrow, and have an awesome interview that I am piecing together with an author (to be shared on Friday). I also finished a riveting piece for our Baby Steps series on staying fashionable on a budget (it literally took me three days) which I will be posting! I have lots of great stuff in the works for your reading pleasure so be sure to keep checking back here!

I am now throughly exhausted so I am going to try and squeeze in a nap before visiting with our family who have come here from out-of-town!

More from me tomorrow!

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Amy Clark

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