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Calculating Nutrition

I originally had planned to include a nutritional analysis of the foods posted, but due to time constraints, I am not able to keep up with both the blogs, the website, moderating the forum, and writing articles for the site & other publications. Something had to give, and the inputting of each recipe into the nutritional software is what is going to have to be put off for now. I hope everyone can understand!

If you are interested in calculating the information yourself, the program that I purchased is the Shop ‘N Cook Software. It is an excellent program for creating grocery lists & storing your recipes. It also computes the nutritional analysis on each of the recipes.  They do offer a free 45 day trial and the cost for the program is $34.95.

I will continue to provide nutritional information for the recipes that are already stored in the software, but newer recipes may not include this information.

Thanks, everyone!

Published March 06, 2007 by:

Amy Clark

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