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Amy’s Notebook 11.28.07

Make a baby food baby jar wreath.

I love this children’s art smock.

How cool is this fabric cubby house?

These apple turnovers look delicious!

A super cool wine cork mirror.

Getting the band-aids off will no longer be a painful process.

Another reason why I want to sew- rice heat therapy bags.

I adore these cd envelopes.

These Pinecone bird feeders are so neat!

I love these advent trees made from recycled paper.

A new solution to add to the mix for getting out grease stains.

Another use for recycled sweaters- isn’t this
recycled sweater wreath beautiful?

I am going to have to make some turkey stroganoff after seeing these yummy pictures.

These wooden spinning tops would make a cool stocking stuffer.

I am going to have to watch these food & drink hacks.

I love these ideas for gift wrapping.

I might have to make this cute grandparent gift.

Reason 5,0002 for why I should sew.

Hmmm…what do you guys think about this holiday tipping guide? Am I just cheap or what?

You can see why this is my dream job after the kids go back to school.

This pumpkin tiramisu looks so delicious!

This list for gifts that are $5 or less really inspired me!

I am going to have to make some pumpkin pie play dough for the kids.

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Amy Clark

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