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Amy’s Notebook 10.23.08

These tagged baskets are adorable (@ Soule Mama)

I love this cooking birthday party theme (@ sweet fine day)

My son would love decorating spooky houses (@ little momma & company)

I wonder if my kids would notice the peels if I made those no-peel apple cake (@ 4 Reluctant Entertainers)

These pumpkin swirl brownies would be a fun fall treat (@ Smitten Kitchen)

This pumpkin pie fudge would make a nice addition to my holiday gift-giving list (@ Annie’s Eats)

Using the apple corer to fill cupcakes is a brilliant idea (@ The Kitchn)

I am really intrigued by this turkey burger recipe (@ Serious Eats)

This cereal box matching game would be fun for the kids (@ plum pudding)

I loved this article on how to brew coffee in your hotel room (@ Budget Travel)

This pumpkin cheesecake would be a great Thanksgiving treat (@ Baking and Books)

I want to make a tutu for Emily to play dress-up in (@ Problem Solvin’ Mom)

These heart-shaped magnets are so precious (@ flipflops & applesauce)

I need to learn how to crochet so I can make this washcloth (@ Crafty Leftovers)

These pumpkins made from photographs are so cool (@ Photojojo)

This bathmat made from rags is really amazing looking (@ Coco Knits)

I love these ideas for a pumpkin party (@ Let’s Explore)

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Amy Clark

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