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Amy’s Notebook 08.30.17

5 Grilled Cheese Ideas


These grilled cheese combos look like a practical and delicious way to use up leftovers.

The life-changing magic of getting it together. Not sure if this is a midlife thing, but I feel all of this right now!

How we can help. How we should not help.

What a smart hack for a better lunch at the airport. I would have never thought of that!

This movie looks fascinating and important.

I’m cherishing all the moments with my children, especially the social media likes on my parenting. LOL!

I’m in love with this shift.

Don’t pack away those summer dresses just yet with these simple transitions.

Ohhh, this was very compelling.

A Better Way to  Slice  Bread


Check out this idea for a better way to slice bread– it makes perfect sense.

Want to increase your creativity? This list of 10 books on increasing creativity look like a great place to start.

15 investment pieces you’ll never regret spending money on. I’m learning classic wardrobe investments always pay off!

Speaking of books, my heart is all wrapped up in this one this week. Be sure to check back on Fri-yay for my reviews on what I read this month.

This guy changed the narrative by going undercover and shares what he learned.

What blogging in 2017 really looks like. Also, if you are curious about the blogging shift (I’m just as curious and annoyed), this post does a great job of explaining it all.

The reason why most people will never be successful. This line really stood out to me, “The more successful you become, the less you can justify low quality.”

Are you guys mixing up a batch of this in your house too? This was our most visited recipe this month. Yum!

10 Favorite Salad Dressings


I love making my own salad dressing so I’m bookmarking this list of ten dressing recipes for my salads.

I read this entire piece to my husband and it made for a great discussion. I’m working on being more unplugged so I appreciated the insights.

Speaking of unplugging, I found this piece had a lot of great advice on raising our kids with technology.

How about shaving a little time off an annoying morning routine?

These were your top purchase on the site this month. They are my FAVORITE comfy shoes- I hope you love them too!

I love renting homes and breaking in the kitchen. I’m going to keep this list of vacation meal ideas in mind.

I love this idea for a rotation system in your home.

20 ways to make your workday more simple– great advice!

I’m twinkle light obsessed and love this idea for how to hang them in your backyard. So smart!

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