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Amy’s Notebook 03.29.2007

Be Mom of the Year:

Don’t toss out your kid’s old socks. I wouldn’t dare suggest making a sock puppet out of them, but visit Parent Hack’s website for another great use for these.

Want to keep track of your child when you are on a trip? Have you ever thought about putting a USB drive around your kid’s neck? This idea is pretty darn amazing, I must say!

Did you know that you can get your infant a free eye exam? Read the Baby Cheapskate post on this wonderful freebie.

Make a birthday cake for your son or daughter for only $2. Moms the Word shares some tips for having a beautiful party cake without spending twenty bucks!

Meredith shows what your kids can accomplish using something someone threw away. Her son seems to have her painting skills. Visit Like Merchant Ships for a cute art project idea.

Be Cheap:

Zen Habits offers great ideas for cheap date nights. Be sure to read this list as there are tons of great ideas on it!

Thrifty Mommy shares four thrifty stain removers. We love thrifty. And we have stains. Thanks, Thrifty Mommy!

Have a Donna Reed Moment:

Scribbit shares some great tips for tulips and a whole heck of a lot of tulip links. Find everything you would ever want to know about this little flower!

Chow offers instructions on how to make your own Peeps. Yum! Who can resist those little guys?

Crafty Daisies shows how to make perfectly hollow eggs to decorate.

Another gardening tip and this one is courtesy of Frugal Upstate. She includes a fabulous tip for making plant markers for only pennies.

Get Inspired:

Amelia, from Sweet Feet Boutique, shares pictures from her new craft space. The colors are wonderful and I love to get inspiration to create my own room to craft in.

News You Need to Know:

Apartment Therapy gives you the scoop on a recent recall on the Infantino Sling sold at Target, Wal-Mart, & Babies R Us. Very scary recall- PLEASE READ!

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