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Amy’s Notebook 02.03.10

I love this little Valentine-making party (@ elsie marley)

These crocheted hearts are so festive (@ between the lines)

I am totally stealing this idea for cupcake skirts (@ No Fuss Fabulous)

These sliding closet door makeovers are so cool (@ DIY Maven)

These pictures from this Valentine’s Day party are so inspiring (@ kara’s party ideas)

These lemon drop cupcakes look delicious (@ Coconut & Lime)

These cozy felt slippers are so beautiful (@ The Bee & The Bobbin)

I love this custom Valentine’s Day photo template (@ Shutter Sisters)

This hack for reusing glass jars is so smart (@ ohdeedoh)

This DIY ribbon organizer is simply genius (@ giver’s log)

These up-cycled heart clips are so cute (@ zakka life)

A gummy bear cocktail? Now I have heard everything! (@ Grin & Bake It!)

These colorful Valentine’s Day cards would be a cute way to use up broken crayons (@ the long thread)

I love this hack for cutting down on the glitter mess (@ Learning Vicariously)

I want to try this recipe for healthy spinach and artichoke dip (@ Serious Eats)

Another idea I am stealing… pizza bites (@ Annie’s Eats)

This list of nine ways to encourage your children to live a more simple life is great (@ Simple Mom)

This guest house is so inspiring for a home renovation that is beautiful and thrifty (@ Beneath My Heart HT to A Soft Place to Land)

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Amy Clark

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