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Amy’s Notebook 01.17.07

Thank you to everyone for your sweet birthday wishes- it made my day! We had a wonderful dinner with our family and I got some beautiful gifts that I am looking forward to taking a picture of and sharing with everyone. No one knows you better than your family and I got some really great stuff this year! They all picked gifts that went along with my retro-housewife theme. So chic!

Here are is my little notebook of ideas for the week- I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy putting them all together!

This granola recipe looks delicious and healthy too. I am going to have to add that to next month’s menu planner.

When Emily gets a little older, I would love to try this tea party activity for her birthday party.

This indoor ice fishing looks like a fun activity when the weather is too cold to play outside.

I love this idea for creating a list of free things I can do that will keep me out of the stores.

I am going to have to think of some thrifty ways to add more yellow into our house. The color just makes me happy and these photos offer great inspiration!!

This looked like a fun project to unload some buttons in my junk drawers.

I love this how-to guide on reading a sewing pattern. Great information for someone learning to sew!

Another great instruction tutorial on making your own reusable grocery bags.

I really love this idea for decorating jar lids and her pop of color on her cabinets has me thinking about maybe adding a touch of color to mine!

I adore this patchwork skirt. I can just picture myself in it!

As we continue to get rid of the ugly dated eighties look in our house, I am thinking staining the banisters might be another thing we could do.

I need zippered pillows for our playroom. The kids wipe their faces on them all of the time and it would be so nice to be able to wash these.

For the knitters- how cute are these color-coded knitting needles. Super smart!

i just love these candles in this picture. I am going to have to do this next year around the holidays. They look so elegant!

This is a great inspiration for creating and finishing some of my projects at our house for this year.

I am going to have to try this recipe for these tiny calzones. I bet the kids would gobble them up!

Here are some more creative ways to wrap gifts- I am all about those!

I adore this little felt book- that would make a beautiful birthday gift for one of my children!

I like these ideas for post-holiday recycling!

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