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Amy’s Notebook 01.03.07

Side Note: We are having internet problems and I am blogging today from a local supermarket. It appears that our phone line is down and they said it might be until Monday before it will be repaired. I apologize for any delays with the site or responses to your emails. I will get back to you all as soon as I get a working internet connection! Luckily, I did a lot of blogging earlier this week so I hope there will be plenty to read here in the meantime.

I am heading home now, but here are a few great entries of the week!

I love Design Mom’s excellent playroom makeover. This had some really great ideas for how decorate our future basement playroom.

I love this idea for keeping the kids entertained in the winter.

This entry has some great uses for all of those canning jars.

Can you believe this amazing honey baked ham? What a smart idea!

I love these ideas for losing baby weight and being frugal (kind of went along with my “Get Healthy” resolution that I shared)

Get your baby bargain forecast for the month of January.

I think I want to make all 96 of these Smitten Kitchen dishes. Yummy!

These are some cute ideas for making use of those old Christmas cards.

These fridge magnets are so cool!

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Amy Clark

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