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Amy’s Holiday Notebook 12.06.07

I just wanted to thank you all for your value camera feedback and I am happy to report that I have finally made my exciting camera purchase. I actually went to several stores and test-drove each of the models and settled on the Canon PowerShot S5. It was on sale (through December 8th) for $319.99, plus free shipping through Office Depot. After doing some price research, I thought that was a phenomenal deal and after reading the reviews and trying it out, I think I made the best choice for our family’s needs. I am so excited to start using it! I am putting all of our Christmas money towards it (from all of our family) so we will have to cover about $150 of it ourselves, but the rest is through our generous grandparents! What a great Christmas gift that will be and I can’t wait to share the pictures with all of you!

Now that I am REALLY in the holiday spirit, here is some great holiday reading for all of you!

Create some new holiday traditions with an Advent Book Box (I could reserve the books at the library to save money)

These stacked Christmas trees would be so cute in some festive colors.

This oatmeal pie would be delicious to take to all of those holiday potlucks.

Become more creative with my gift-giving with these great free gifts you can give.

Here are some ideas for gifts that are under ten bucks.

Remember how I told you I wanted to make one of these? Well, Michelle beat me to it and made a super cool felt gingerbread house. I am drooling right now! I also like this other tutorial for more gingerbread house ideas.

These hooded towels would make great Christmas gifts.

This envelope accordion would make a great stocking stuffer or these patchwork pincushions would be so cute as small gifts.

I love these candy cane cookies. I might have to make these this year!

How about some homemade sugar cookies? Who could resist?

Here is a great list of holiday things you can make yourself.

I love these ideas for festive holiday decorating.

I might have to make some of these holiday beer rolls for one of our dinners.

I love this post on creating Christmas values & traditions.

I am loving these mod paper ornaments.

These fabric organizers would be a great gift for a crafter.

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