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All Knitted Up: Project Linus Security Blanket

I am wrapping up my second baby blanket. I think this one is just a tad fancier than the first blanket I did. Although the pattern looks very complex, in actuality the pattern has three rows that just repeat over and over. It is one row of knitting, one row of purling, and then one row of actual pattern. Then you just repeat it until you want to poke your eyes out with your knitting needles.

My favorite part about this blanket is the scalloped edging on it. The blanket looks so beautiful and delicate and it will be going to my best friend’s sweet little baby who is on the way in just a couple of short months. I hope it will be a favorite in their collection and I can’t wait to send this off for the holidays.

If you are interested in making this blanket, I found the pattern in, “Knitting for Peace” which is a really great book with simple patterns for charitable giving.

It has blanket patterns, chemo cap patterns, infant and preemie hat patterns, and prayer shawls- just to name a few! I can’t wait to start doing some charitable knitting and hope to put some really great stuff together in time for next year’s holiday. I would also love to do something with Mama to Mama throughout the year. Is anyone else doing anything with this wonderful project?

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Amy Clark

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