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Adventures in Bread Making: Fiddlin’ With Temperatures

My first batch of bread yielded a gummy texture on the inside of my loaf which was commented on by all of the culinary critics in our house. I really loved the ease of this bread though and wasn’t willing to give up just yet. These next two loaves were cooked at 475 degrees for forty minutes.

The exterior ended up being a tad too crunchy, but the interior was gosh darn perfection. These loaves were not gummy at all and the bread sang to me when I opened the oven with that beautiful golden crust. I think we will try it again at 475 for 35 minutes and see if we hit the ultimate perfection.

As we dined on roasted chicken salad sandwiches on this amazing bread, I looked across the table and said to my husband, “You realize that no one else does this, right?” In spite of his full mouth, he grinned and said, “I know, I know.”

Sometimes I feel like I am running the America’s Test Kitchen show over here and I fear that if something should ever happen to me, my husband’s next wife will have one ridiculous act to follow.

Published May 27, 2008 by:

Amy Clark

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