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Wholesale Club Shopping

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B.J.'s site offers the most comprehensive information on their wholesale club, which is great for anyone who is interested in becoming a member with this club. B.J.'s first store opened in Medford, Massachusetts in 1984. It is also one of the fastest growing wholesale clubs in America and is the only wholesale club that has absolutely no membership qualifications or restrictions.

Membership to this wholesale club will run you $40. They will refund your membership fee if you are unhappy at anytime with your membership.

B.J.'s offers a one day pass that you can sign up for through their site, but you should be aware that they do add a fifteen percent surcharge to all purchases made using this pass. I would use the pass just to do a price check and then get a membership if I thought that the prices were a good deal in this club to avoid the surcharges.

B.J.'s will take just about any credit card you offer to them to pay for your purchases not limiting you to just American Express and Discover.



B.J.'s offers very competitive rates on their prescriptions as do all the other wholesale companies. One of the things that sets B.J.'s apart from some of the other clubs, is that they offer additional healthcare savings for their members. At no additional cost to you, you can enroll into their Healthcare Savings program and save an additional thirty percent or more within their network of physicians, dentists, optometrist, chiropractors, and other medical professionals. You can enroll into this program online.

Phone Cards

B.J.'s offers the lowest rates on their phone cards at only 2.99 cents per minute.

Realty Rewards Program

B.J.'s offers a Realty Rewards Program to their members at no extra charge. You can contact them for information regarding financing and also can get great discounts on moving companies.


B.J.'s offers competitive pricing on their glasses and contacts as well. Two pairs of complete glasses (keyword being complete) are only $98 total. Their packages of six-pack Acuvue lenses are only $13.98 per box.


B.J.'s offers some of the best prices on soda. A twenty-four pack of brand name soda is only $5.99 all year round. For those of us who enjoy drinking soda, but hate waiting for the sales, B.J.'s offers a competitive price comparable to grocery store sale prices.


As far as I can tell there are not any enormous downfalls with B.J.'s other than it is underrated. They offer some of the biggest selection and offer some great features to their membership that the other clubs do not. The cost of membership is higher than Sam's, but the features that the offer is greater. Because B.J.'s is competing against these two large companies, it appears that they go over and beyond the call of duty to keep their customer's happy and to help them stay in business.