Yummy Sloppy Joes

Yummy Sloppy Joes

1 lb ground beef
1 cup chopped onions (I omitted these because I don’t like onions)
1 cup ketchup
1 tablespoon mustard
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

In a large skillet, brown beef with onions (make sure to drain or rinse your meat after this step). Mix the rest of the ingredients together. Add to beef and onions. Cook for 1 hour over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Serve on warm hamburger buns.

2 Responses to “Yummy Sloppy Joes”

  1. Shalee — January 24, 2009 @ 4:26 am

    I’m always making my own sloppy joes… these sound delish and easy. Thanks!

  2. Brenda Nixon — January 30, 2009 @ 4:29 pm

    I love to putter around in the kitchen, trying new recipes and making up some of my own. Sloppy Joes, Meatloaf, and homemade protein bars are the ones that never taste the same twice because I don’t follow recipes. Little dibs’n dabs of whatever is laying around constitutes these family favs.

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