Calculating Nutrition

I originally had planned to include a nutritional analysis of the foods posted, but due to time constraints, I am not able to keep up with both the blogs, the website, moderating the forum, and writing articles for the site & other publications. Something had to give, and the inputting of each recipe into the […]

How Can You Make This Blog Work For You?

After some of your comments, I have decided how I will be arranging this blog. This week will be a bit different than the usual week, but I do want to get some more of your opinions on this. If you would like to leave a comment, please just click on the entry title to […]

Hi, My Name is Aldi Queen

Any fan of our website,, knows that I am obsessed with Aldi Supermarket. My site contains menu planners and information on the store and I never expected the response that we received from these planners. We received thousands and thousands of hits a month searching for this type of information. It was one of […]