Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad

This dish was included in the Iron Chef Moms Challenge. Please visit today’s post to get the scoop on the contest. Don’t forget to visit Meredith’s entry too! Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad 1 pound chicken (about three small breasts) ½ pound penne pasta (This ingredient is available this week at Aldi. If it isn’t at […]

Microwave Taters

Microwave Taters Yields Four Servings 1.5 pounds potatoes- red or Russet. 1.5 pounds of potatoes equals about four cups of diced potatoes 1 tablespoon butter Any seasoning of your choice- I used a teaspoon of Italian seasoning & salt and pepper In a shallow baking dish, place a tablespoon of butter in the dish and […]

Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks

Note- Serve this dish with a side of Microwave Taters. These two dishes were featured today in day two of the Iron Chef Moms Challenge. To view today’s results, be sure to visit the entry! Parmesan Chicken Yields Four Servings 4 drumsticks (the Aldi’s bag contains five drumsticks, but there will still be plenty of […]